Uses of Interface

Packages that use Prototype.Api
Support for handling the generation of code for Helidon builders and configured builders.
Class model generator for annotation processors.
Java in-process compiler.
General utilities that use Config.
Utilities for PKI configuration and loading of certificates and keys.
Socket abstraction and data writing.
TLS Configuration for client and server.
Subset of Builder's SPI types that are useful for runtime.
URI utilities.
JDBC client for Helidon.
Helidon Fault Tolerance Support.
HTTP Content encoding support, usually used to compress entity, such as gzip.
Helidon Media Support.
Helidon Injection Runtime Integrations to support OCI SDK.
Helidon Integrations of OCI Certificates Service.
Helidon OpenAPI UI support.
Defines the Helidon metrics API so Helidon metrics-capable components can implement metrics simply and without regard for whether metrics is actually on the runtime path or not or is enabled or not.
Support for OpenAPI in Helidon MP.
Helidon OpenAPI support.
Scheduling for Helidon SE reactive implementation.
Helidon WebClient APIs shared by all types of clients.
Helidon WebClient HTTP/1.1 Support.
Helidon WebClient HTTP/2 Support.
Helidon WebClient WebSocket Support.
Helidon WebServer module, combining common server API, HTTP API and HTTP/1.1 API to create a server.
Helidon WebServer Access Log Support.
Helidon WebServer Context Support.
Helidon WebServer CORS Support.
Helidon WebServer gRPC Support.
Helidon WebServer HTTP specific APIs.
Helidon WebServer HTTP/1.1 specific APIs.
Helidon WebServer HTTP/2 Support.
Helidon WebServer Observability Support.
Helidon WebServer Observability Config Support.
Helidon WebServer Observability Health Support.
Helidon WebServer Observability Info Support.
Helidon WebServer Observability Log Support.
Helidon WebServer Observability Metrics Support.
Helidon WebServer Tracing Observability Support.
Helidon WebServer Security Support.
WebSocket server support.