Interface MediaContextConfig

All Superinterfaces:
Prototype.Api, Prototype.Factory<MediaContext>
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public interface MediaContextConfig extends Prototype.Api
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  • Method Details

    • builder

      static MediaContextConfig.Builder builder()
      Create a new fluent API builder to customize configuration.
      a new builder
    • builder

      Create a new fluent API builder from an existing instance.
      instance - an existing instance used as a base for the builder
      a builder based on an instance
    • create

      static MediaContextConfig create(Config config)
      Create a new instance from configuration.
      config - used to configure the new instance
      a new instance configured from configuration
    • create

      static MediaContextConfig create()
      Create a new instance with default values.
      a new instance
    • mediaSupports

      List<MediaSupport> mediaSupports()
      Media supports to use. This instance has priority over provider(s) discovered by service loader. The providers are used in order of calling this method, where the first support added is the first one to be queried for readers and writers.
      media supports
    • fallback

      Optional<MediaContext> fallback()
      Existing context to be used as a fallback for this context.
      media context to use if supports configured on this request cannot provide a good result
    • registerDefaults

      boolean registerDefaults()
      Should we register defaults of Helidon, such as String media support.
      whether to register default media supports