Uses of Interface

Packages that use Builder
Common utilities for Helidon projects.
General utilities that use Config.
Support for context propagation across executor boundaries.
Common cryptography implementations.
HTTP APIs and implementations usable by both server and client side of the HTTP story.
Support for mapping of types.
Utilities for PKI configuration and loading of certificates and keys.
Common reactive library for Helidon projects.
Java Service loader extension.
Provides interfaces and classes for loading and working with immutable, tree-structured configuration data.
Etcd configuration source.
Git configuration source.
HOCON format ConfigParser implementation using Typesafe (Lightbend) Config library.
Configuration SPI that defines the behavior developers can implement to extend the config system.
Reactive Database API for Helidon.
Helper classes to use in various implementations.
Health check support for Helidon DB Client.
Helidon DB implementation for JDBC.
Metrics support for Helidon DB Client.
Helidon DB integration for reactive mongoDB.
Service provider interface for Helidon DB.
Tracing support for Helidon DB.
Fault tolerance for Helidon SE reactive implementation.
GraphQL server implementation for Helidon SE.
gRPC client API.
Core classes used by both the reactive gRPC server API and gRPC client API.
Reactive gRPC server API.
Health check support for helidon SE.
Healthchecks provided by our Microprofile implementation.
Common classes for accessing JSON based REST APIs of third party systems.
Support for Micrometer in Helidon SE.
Provides support for Microstream-Cache features integration.
Provides support for Microstream core features integration.
Provides support for Microstream-HealthChecks features integration.
Provides support for Microstream-Metrics features integration.
Neo4j integrations for Helidon.
Metrics package.
Integrating with OCI Metrics.
Helidon Runtime Integrations to support OCI SDK.
Helidon Integrations of OCI Certificates Service.
Vault integration.
AppRole authentication method for Vault.
Common classes for Vault integration.
Vault authentication method for Kubernetes.
Token authentication method for Vault.
Cubbyhole secret engine support for Vault.
Vault's KV1 Secrets Engine support.
Vault's Key/value version 2 Secrets Engine support.
Vault transit secrets.
Vault integration SPI.
Common classes for processing content with a specific MediaType.
JSON-P media type support.
Helidon Media MultiPart.
Helidon Reactive Messaging.
MicroProfile Reactive Messaging Oracle AQ connector.
Microprofile messaging JMS connector.
Microprofile messaging Kafka connector.
Metrics support for Java SE, uses the Microprofile metrics APIs and formats.
Defines the Helidon metrics API so Helidon metrics-capable components can implement metrics simply and without regard for whether metrics is actually on the runtime path or not or is enabled or not.
Support for Prometheus client endpoint.
API and minimal implementation for metrics support service.
gRPC client microprofile classes.
Microprofile 1.0 gRPC server implementation.
Implementation of Microprofile JWT Auth specification.
Support for OpenAPI in Helidon MP.
Microprofile 1.0 server implementation.
Helidon SE OpenAPI Support.
Scheduling for Helidon SE reactive implementation.
Attribute based access control policy validator.
Integration with Java EE expression language.
Role attribute validator.
Scope (OAuth2) attribute validator.
Time attribute validator.
Integration library for GrpcServer.
Jersey integration for security module.
JWT (JSON web token) support.
JWK (JSON web key) support.
Attribute based access control (ABAC) security provider.
Common classes for provider implementation.
Extension of integration with Jersey to support customized analysis of resource classes and methods to enable/disable security.
Vault operation backed by configuration.
Integration with Google login button.
Provider that can extract username from a (any) header.
Basic security provider, supporting "basic" and "digest" authentication schemes with role support.
Provider supporting validation of incoming signatures and signing of outbound requests.
Mapper that retrieves roles from IDCS server and maps them to user subject.
Provider that can process incoming JWTs and assert users based on them and can propagate JWTs (or create new ones) for outbound calls.
Integration with Open ID Connect providers.
Open ID Connect (OIDC) classes usable from all OIDC related components.
General utilities for security modules.
Support types for REST services.
Distributed tracing support for Helidon.
Configuration for traced components, spans and logs.
Helidon integration with Jaeger tracer.
Open Tracing tracing support that plugs into the TracerBuilder SPI and provides a Tracer implementation.
Brave based Open Tracing implementation for an integration with Zipkin.
A reactive client for rest calls.
Reactive web server API.
Access log support for Helidon WebServer.
Helidon SE CORS Support
This package contains JAX-RS (Jersey based) support for WebServer's Routing.
Static content support for Helidon WebServer.
WebSocket support for Helidon webserver.