Class WebServerTls


public final class WebServerTls extends Object
A class wrapping transport layer security (TLS) configuration for WebServer sockets.
  • Field Details


      public static final String CLIENT_X509_CERTIFICATE
      This constant is a context classifier for the x509 client certificate if it is present. Callers may use this constant to lookup the client certificate associated with the current request context.
  • Method Details

    • builder

      public static WebServerTls.Builder builder()
      A fluent API builder for WebServerTls.
      a new builder instance
    • create

      public static WebServerTls create(Config config)
      Create TLS configuration from config.
      config - located on the node of the tls configuration (usually this is ssl)
      a new TLS configuration
    • manager

      public TlsManager manager()
      The Tls manager. If one is not explicitly defined in the config then a default manager will be created.
      the tls manager of the tls instance
      See Also:
    • trustAll

      public boolean trustAll()
      Trust any certificate provided by the other side of communication.

      This is a dangerous setting: if set to true, any certificate will be accepted, throwing away most of the security advantages of TLS. NEVER do this in production.

      whether to trust all certificates, do not use in production
    • enabled

      public boolean enabled()
      Whether this TLS config has security enabled (and the socket is going to be protected by one of the TLS protocols), or no (and the socket is going to be plain).
      true if this configuration represents a TLS configuration, false for plain configuration