Class UrlOverrideSource.Builder

All Implemented Interfaces:
Builder<UrlOverrideSource.Builder,UrlOverrideSource>, PollableSource.Builder<UrlOverrideSource.Builder>, Source.Builder<UrlOverrideSource.Builder>, WatchableSource.Builder<UrlOverrideSource.Builder,URL>, Supplier<UrlOverrideSource>
Enclosing class:

Url Override Source Builder.

It allows to configure following properties:

  • url - configuration endpoint URL;
  • mandatory - is existence of configuration resource mandatory (by default) or is optional?
  • media-type - configuration content media type to be used to look for appropriate ConfigParser;
  • parser - or directly set ConfigParser instance to be used to parse the source;

If media-type not set it uses HTTP response header content-type. If media-type not returned it tries to guess it from url suffix.