Class SignedHeadersConfig.Builder

All Implemented Interfaces:
Builder<SignedHeadersConfig.Builder,SignedHeadersConfig>, Supplier<SignedHeadersConfig>
Enclosing class:

public static final class SignedHeadersConfig.Builder extends Object implements Builder<SignedHeadersConfig.Builder,SignedHeadersConfig>
Fluent API builder to create SignedHeadersConfig instances. Call build() to create a new instance.
  • Method Details

    • build

      public SignedHeadersConfig build()
      Description copied from interface: Builder
      Build the instance from this builder.
      Specified by:
      build in interface Builder<SignedHeadersConfig.Builder,SignedHeadersConfig>
      instance of the built type
    • defaultConfig

      Default configuration is used by methods that do not have an explicit configuration.

      Configuration is not cumulative - e.g. if you configure default to require "date" and "host" headers and method "get" to require "(request-target)", get will NOT require "date" and "host"

      config - configuration of method (e.g. headers that must always be signed and headers to be signed when available in request)
      updated builder instance
    • config

      Configuration of a single method (see SecurityEnvironment.method() to set required and "if-present" headers to be signed (or to be expected in inbound signature).
      method - method name (methods are case-insensitive)
      config - configuration of method
      updated builder instance