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public interface OpenApiUi extends Service
Behavior for OpenAPI UI implementations.
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    • builder

      static OpenApiUi.Builder<?,?> builder()
      Creates a builder for a new OpenApiUi instance.
      new builder
    • supportedMediaTypes

      MediaType[] supportedMediaTypes()
      Indicates the media types the UI implementation itself supports.
      the media types the prepareTextResponseFromMainEndpoint(io.helidon.webserver.ServerRequest, io.helidon.webserver.ServerResponse) method responds to
    • prepareTextResponseFromMainEndpoint

      boolean prepareTextResponseFromMainEndpoint(ServerRequest request, ServerResponse response)
      Gives the UI an opportunity to respond to a request arriving at the OpenAPISupport endpoint for which the best-accepted MediaType was text/html.

      An implementation should return true if it is responsible for a particular media type whether it handled the request itself or delegated the request to the next handler. For example, even if the implementation is disabled it should still return true for the HTML media type.

      request - the request for HTML content
      response - the response which could be prepared and sent
      whether the UI did respond to the request