All Implemented Interfaces:
AuthorizationProvider, SecurityProvider

public final class AbacProvider extends SynchronousProvider implements AuthorizationProvider
Attribute based access control (ABAC) provider. This provider gathers all attributes to be validated on endpoint and makes sure they are all validated as expected during authorization process. Each attribute to be validated must have a AbacValidator implemented.
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  • Method Details

    • builder

      public static AbacProvider.Builder builder()
      Creates a fluent API builder to build new instances of this class.
      a new builder instance
    • create

      public static AbacProvider create(Config config)
      Creates a new provider instance from configuration.
      config - configuration
      ABAC provider instantiated from config
    • create

      public static AbacProvider create()
      Creates a new provider instance with default configuration.
      ABAC provider
    • supportedAnnotations

      public Collection<Class<? extends Annotation>> supportedAnnotations()
      Description copied from interface: SecurityProvider
      Provide extension annotations supported by this provider (e.g. Annotations will be collected according to framework in use. For JAX-RS, annotations from application class, resource class and resource methods will be collected.
      Specified by:
      supportedAnnotations in interface SecurityProvider
      Collection of annotations this provider expects.
    • syncAuthorize

      protected AuthorizationResponse syncAuthorize(ProviderRequest providerRequest)
      Description copied from class: SynchronousProvider
      Synchronous authorization.
      syncAuthorize in class SynchronousProvider
      providerRequest - context with environment, subject(s) etc.
      authorization response
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