Interface ConfiguredProvider<T extends NamedService>

Type Parameters:
T - type of the service this provider provides
All Known Subinterfaces:
ContentEncodingProvider, JdbcConnectionPoolProvider, MediaSupportProvider, ObserveProvider, OpenApiManagerProvider, OpenApiServiceProvider, ProtocolConfigProvider<T>, ProtocolConfigProvider<T>, ServerFeatureProvider<T>, TlsManagerProvider, WebClientServiceProvider
All Known Implementing Classes:
AccessLogFeatureProvider, ConfigObserveProvider, ContextFeatureProvider, CorsFeatureProvider, DefaultOciCertificatesTlsManagerProvider, DeflateEncodingProvider, GrpcProtocolConfigProvider, GzipEncodingProvider, HealthObserveProvider, HikariConnectionPoolProvider, Http1ProtocolConfigProvider, Http1ProtocolConfigProvider, Http2ProtocolConfigProvider, Http2ProtocolConfigProvider, InfoObserveProvider, JacksonMediaSupportProvider, JsonbMediaSupportProvider, JsonpMediaSupportProvider, LogObserveProvider, MetricsObserveProvider, MultiPartSupportProvider, ObserveFeatureProvider, OpenApiFeatureProvider, OpenApiUiProvider, SecurityFeatureProvider, TracingObserveProvider, WebClientMetricsProvider, WebClientSecurityProvider, WebClientTracingProvider, WsProtocolConfigProvider, WsProtocolConfigProvider

public interface ConfiguredProvider<T extends NamedService>
Providers that can be loaded from configuration should implement this interface. The configuration is expected to be similar to this (using YAML as an example):
     discover-services: true # this is the default
         provider1-config: value
         provider2-config: value
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Key this service implementation is stored under.
    create(Config config, String name)
    Create a new instance from the configuration located on the provided node.
  • Method Details

    • configKey

      String configKey()
      Key this service implementation is stored under. This is also considered the service "type" when used in a list in configuration, to allow the same service defined more than once.
      key of this implementation
    • create

      T create(Config config, String name)
      Create a new instance from the configuration located on the provided node.
      config - located at configKey() node
      name - name of the configured implementation
      a new instance created from this config node