Class LogObserveProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
ConfiguredProvider<Observer>, ObserveProvider

@Deprecated public class LogObserveProvider extends Object implements ObserveProvider
only for ServiceLoader
ServiceLoader provider implementation for logging observe provider.

Java Util Logging uses weak references to loggers (and does not support adding level configuration to LogManager at runtime), so changing a log level for a logger may be temporary (in case a garbage collector runs and the reference is not kept anywhere). In Helidon, most loggers are referenced for the duration of the application, so this should not impact Helidon components.

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    • configKey

      public String configKey()
      Description copied from interface: ObserveProvider
      Configuration key of this provider. The following keys must be honored by Observe support:
      • enabled - enable/disable the service
      • endpoint - endpoint, if starts with / then absolute, otherwise relative to observe endpoint
      • cors - CORS setup for this endpoint
      Specified by:
      configKey in interface ConfiguredProvider<Observer>
      Specified by:
      configKey in interface ObserveProvider
      configuration key of this provider (such as health)
    • create

      public Observer create(Config config, String name)
      Description copied from interface: ObserveProvider
      Create a new observer from the provided configuration.
      Specified by:
      create in interface ConfiguredProvider<Observer>
      Specified by:
      create in interface ObserveProvider
      config - configuration of this provider
      name - name of the instance
      a new observer to be registered with routing