Uses of Interface

Packages that use MediaType
Support for mapping resources to media types, be it files, URIs or URLs.
SPI to provide custom mappings of resources to media types.
Provides interfaces and classes for loading and working with immutable, tree-structured configuration data.
Etcd configuration source.
Git configuration source.
HOCON format ConfigParser implementation using Typesafe (Lightbend) Config library.
Configuration SPI that defines the behavior developers can implement to extend the config system.
YAML format ConfigParser implementation.
HTTP APIs and implementations usable by both server and client side of the HTTP story.
Multipart Entity Media handling support.
HTTP SSE common package.
Common classes for accessing JSON based REST APIs of third party systems.
Helidon OpenAPI UI support.
Micrometer wrapper for Helidon metrics API.
SPI for Helidon metrics.
Helidon OpenAPI support.
Helidon WebClient APIs shared by all types of clients.
Helidon WebServer HTTP SPI.
Helidon WebServer Observability Metrics Support.
Helidon WebServer SSE Support.
Helidon WebServer Static Content Support.