Uses of Package

Packages that use
Implementation of Microprofile JWT Auth specification.
Integration of Helidon security with Microprofile server.
Integration of Helidon security with Microprofile server SPI.
Attribute based access control policy validator.
Integration with Java EE expression language.
Service provider interface (SPI) to support policy statements in Attribute based access control.
Role attribute validator.
Scope (OAuth2) attribute validator.
Time attribute validator.
Annotations for integration with containers supporting them.
Utilities for integrating Helidon security with other components, such as Web Server and Jersey.
Attribute based access control (ABAC) security provider.
Attribute based access control (ABAC) security provider's SPI.
Common classes for provider implementation.
Extension of integration with Jersey to support customized analysis of resource classes and methods to enable/disable security.
Vault operation backed by configuration.
Integration with Google login button.
Provider that can extract username from a (any) header.
Basic security provider, supporting "basic" and "digest" authentication schemes with role support.
Provider supporting validation of incoming signatures and signing of outbound requests.
Mapper that retrieves roles from IDCS server and maps them to user subject.
Provider that can process incoming JWTs and assert users based on them and can propagate JWTs (or create new ones) for outbound calls.
Integration with Open ID Connect providers.
Open ID Connect (OIDC) SPI interfaces.
Security component's SPI.
Helidon WebClient Security Support.
Helidon WebServer Security Support.