Uses of Annotation Interface

Packages that use Weight
Custom copyright provider that generates Helidon copyright headers.
Provides interfaces and classes for loading and working with immutable, tree-structured configuration data.
HOCON format ConfigParser implementation using Typesafe (Lightbend) Config library.
Mappers that can map Config to classes with factory methods, classes with Builders and general "bean" classes with constructor and setters.
YAML format ConfigParser implementation.
JSON Processing support for Helidon Database Client.
Helidon Fault Tolerance Support.
Helidon Injection Runtime Integrations to support OCI SDK.
Provides classes and interfaces for using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Secrets Retrieval and Vault APIs as part of a ConfigSourceProvider implementation.
AppRole authentication method for Vault.
Common classes for Vault integration.
Vault authentication method for Kubernetes.
Token authentication method for Vault.
Helidon Java util logging MDC support.
CDI extension for Helidon MP.
Implementation of Microprofile JWT Auth specification.
Helidon MP integration with Tyrus.
Helidon OpenAPI support.
Role attribute validator.
Vault operation backed by configuration.
Integration with Open ID Connect providers.
Helidon integration with Jaeger tracer.
Open Telemetry tracing support that plugs into the TracerBuilder SPI and provides a Tracer implementation.
Open Tracing support that plugs into the TracerBuilder SPI and provides a Tracer implementation.
Brave based Open Tracing implementation for an integration with Zipkin.
Helidon tracing support for TracerResolver.
Helidon WebClient APIs shared by all types of clients.
Helidon WebClient DNS Resolver First Support.
Helidon WebClient DNS Resolver Round Robin Support.
Helidon WebClient Tracing Support.
Helidon WebServer Access Log Support.
Helidon WebServer Context Support.
Helidon WebServer CORS Support.
Helidon WebServer Observability Support.
Helidon WebServer Security Support.