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public final class OciSecretsConfigSourceProvider extends Object implements ConfigSourceProvider
A ConfigSourceProvider that creates ConfigSource implementations that interact with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Secrets Retrieval and Vault APIs.

To use, ensure the packaging artifact (e.g. .jar file or similar) containing this class is present on your class or module path as appropriate, and configure a meta-configuration source with a type of oci-secrets, following the usual Helidon meta-configuration rules.

More specifically:

  1. Ensure you have an authentication mechanism set up to connect to OCI (e.g. a valid OCI configuration file). Authentication with OCI is accomplished via the OciExtension class; please see its documentation for how and when to set up an oci.yaml classpath resource to further refine the mechanism of authentication.
  2. Ensure there is a classpath resource present named meta-config.yaml.
  3. Ensure the meta-config.yaml classpath resource contains a sources element with a type of oci-secrets that looks similar to the following, substituting values as appropriate:
      - type: 'oci-secrets'
          compartment-ocid: 'your vault compartment OCID goes here'
          vault-ocid: 'your vault OCID goes here'

Refer to Helidon's documentation concerning meta-configuration for more details.

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