Uses of Package

Packages that use io.helidon.common.buffers
Byte buffers and byte operations.
Socket abstraction and data writing.
HTTP APIs and implementations usable by both server and client side of the HTTP story.
Helidon Common HTTP/2 classes.
Helidon Media Support.
Helidon WebClient APIs shared by all types of clients.
Helidon WebClient HTTP/1.1 Support.
Helidon WebClient WebSocket Support.
Helidon WebServer module, combining common server API, HTTP API and HTTP/1.1 API to create a server.
Helidon WebServer HTTP specific APIs.
Helidon WebServer HTTP/1.1 specific APIs.
Helidon WebServer HTTP/2 Support.
Helidon WebServer HTTP/2 SPI.
Helidon WebServer SPI.
Helidon WebServer Testing JUnit5 Support.
WebSocket server support.
WebSocket APIs.