Uses of Package

Packages that use io.helidon.config.metadata
Configuration metadata to support IDE auto completion and generation of documentation.
Common cross origin configuration and types used by all Helidon flavors.
HTTP APIs and implementations usable by both server and client side of the HTTP story.
Support for Micrometer in Helidon SE.
Neo4j integrations for Helidon.
Integrating with OCI Metrics.
Defines the Helidon metrics API so Helidon metrics-capable components can implement metrics simply and without regard for whether metrics is actually on the runtime path or not or is enabled or not.
Microprofile 1.0 server implementation.
Attribute based access control (ABAC) security provider.
Common classes for provider implementation.
Vault operation backed by configuration.
Integration with Google login button.
Provider that can extract username from a (any) header.
Basic security provider, supporting "basic" and "digest" authentication schemes with role support.
Provider supporting validation of incoming signatures and signing of outbound requests.
Mapper that retrieves roles from IDCS server and maps them to user subject.
Provider that can process incoming JWTs and assert users based on them and can propagate JWTs (or create new ones) for outbound calls.
Integration with Open ID Connect providers.
Open ID Connect (OIDC) classes usable from all OIDC related components.
General utilities for security modules.
Distributed tracing support for Helidon.
Helidon integration with Jaeger tracer.
Open Tracing support that plugs into the TracerBuilder SPI and provides a Tracer implementation.
Brave based Open Tracing implementation for an integration with Zipkin.
Helidon WebClient APIs shared by all types of clients.
Helidon WebServer Services Common.