Class JwtAuthProvider.JwtOutboundTarget

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public static class JwtAuthProvider.JwtOutboundTarget extends Object
A custom object to configure specific handling of outbound calls.
  • Constructor Details

    • JwtOutboundTarget

      public JwtOutboundTarget(TokenHandler outboundHandler, String jwtKid, String jwkKid, String audience, int notBeforeSeconds, long validitySeconds)
      Create an instance to add to OutboundTarget.
      outboundHandler - token handler to inject JWT into outbound headers
      jwtKid - key id to put into a JWT
      jwkKid - key id to use to sign using JWK - if not defined, existing token will be propagated if present
      audience - audience to create a JWT for
      notBeforeSeconds - seconds before now the token is valid (e.g. now - notBeforeSeconds = JWT not before)
      validitySeconds - seconds after now the token is valid (e.g. now + validitySeconds = JWT expiration time)
  • Method Details

    • fromConfig

      public static JwtAuthProvider.JwtOutboundTarget fromConfig(Config config, TokenHandler defaultHandler)
      Load an instance from configuration. Expected keys:
      • jwt-kid - the key id to put into JWT
      • jwk-kid - the key id to look for when signing the JWT
      • jwt-audience - the audience of this JWT
      • jwt-not-before-seconds - not before seconds
      • jwt-validity-seconds - validity of JWT
      config - configuration to load data from
      defaultHandler - default outbound token handler
      a new instance configured from config
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