Class TokenHandler


public final class TokenHandler extends Object
Extracts a security token from request or updates headers with the token. Currently supports headers as sources of tokens. The token is then extracted either with a prefix (e.g. basic ) or with a regular expression (first group in the regexp). When building header, it is created in the same way. To create a more complicated header, you can use configuration option token-format that will be processed using String.format(String, Object...) with the token as a single string argument.
  • Method Details

    • builder

      public static TokenHandler.Builder builder()
      Fluent API builder to create TokenHandler.
      new builder instance
    • forHeader

      public static TokenHandler forHeader(String header)
      A shortcut method to build a token handler that does not modify the token content.
      header - header name (to read or write to)
      a new instance for the header name
    • create

      public static TokenHandler create(Config config)
      Create a TokenHandler from configuration. Expected configuration (to be located on token key):
       token {
         header = "Authorization"
         # or do not specify - then the whole header is considered to be the token value
         prefix = "bearer "
         # optional alternative - looking for first matching group
         #regexp = "bearer (.*)"
      config - config to parse into an instance of this object
      a new instance configured from config
    • extractToken

      public Optional<String> extractToken(Map<String,List<String>> headers)
      Extracts the token from request. If expected header is not present, returns empty optional, otherwise parses the token according to configuration. If the header does not satisfy the configuration (e.g. invalid prefix, wrong pattern), throws exception.
      headers - Headers to extract token from
      token value or empty in case the token is not present in request
      SecurityException - in case the token data is malformed
    • extractToken

      public String extractToken(String tokenRawValue)
      Extracts the token from the string value of the header (or other field).
      tokenRawValue - such as "bearer AAAAAAA"
      token extracted based on the configured rules
    • tokenHeader

      public String tokenHeader()
      Name of the header the token is expected in (or will be written into).
      header name
    • header

      public void header(Map<String,List<String>> headers, String token)
      Set the token as a new header. Creates the header if not present, replaces header value if present.
      headers - Headers to update
      token - Token value
    • addHeader

      public void addHeader(Map<String,List<String>> headers, String token)
      Add the token as a new header value. Creates the header if not present, adds header value to list of values if present.
      headers - Headers to update
      token - Token value