Interface MetricsProgrammaticConfig

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public interface MetricsProgrammaticConfig
Programmatic (rather than user-configurable) settings that govern certain metrics behavior.

Implementations of this interface are typically provided by Helidon itself rather than developers building applications and are not intended for per-deployment (or even per-application) customization.

  • Method Details

    • instance

      static MetricsProgrammaticConfig instance()
      Returns the singleton instance of the metrics programmatic settings.
      the singleton
    • scopeDefaultValue

      default Optional<String> scopeDefaultValue()
      Default tag value to use for the scope tag if none is specified when the meter ID is created.
      default scope tag value
    • scopeTagName

      default Optional<String> scopeTagName()
      Name to use for a tag, added to each meter's identity, conveying its scope in output.
      the scope tag name
    • appTagName

      default Optional<String> appTagName()
      Name to use for a tag, added to each meter's identity, conveying the application it belongs to.
      the app tag name
    • reservedTagNames

      default Set<String> reservedTagNames()
      Returns the reserved tag names (for scope and app).
      reserved tag names
    • apply

      Augments an existing MetricsConfig.Builder, presumably from actual config, with overrides provided by this programmatic config instance.
      builder - original metrics configuration builder
      metrics config with any overrides applied
    • apply

      default MetricsConfig apply(MetricsConfig metricsConfig)
      Creates a new MetricsConfig instance by applying overrides from this programmatic config instance.
      metricsConfig - original metrics configuration
      new metrics configuration with overrides applied