Interface ListenerContext

public interface ListenerContext
Listener context. Provides elements that are configured on listener (socket) level.
  • Method Details

    • context

      Context context()
      Server context configured as the top level parents of all request context.
      server context, always available
    • mediaContext

      MediaContext mediaContext()
      Media context to read and write typed entities.
      media context
    • contentEncodingContext

      ContentEncodingContext contentEncodingContext()
      Content encoding support, to handle entity encoding (such as gzip, deflate).
      content encoding support
    • directHandlers

      DirectHandlers directHandlers()
      Direct handlers for non-routing exception handling.
      direct handlers
    • config

      ListenerConfig config()
      Configuration of this listener.
      listener configuration
    • executor

      ExecutorService executor()
      Virtual thread per task executor service that can be used to execute tasks. Tasks submitted on this executor are considered to be tasks that must be completed before graceful shutdown.
      executor service