Class AuthorizationResponse


public final class AuthorizationResponse extends SecurityResponse
Response from an authorization decision.

Responses that can be returned based on SecurityResponse.SecurityStatus:

  • Success - request is authorized an may proceed - see permit()
  • Failure - request is denied and must not proceed - see deny()
  • Abstain - the provider could not decide about this request - see abstain()
  • Method Details

    • permit

      public static AuthorizationResponse permit()
      Permit the request.
      correctly initialized response
    • deny

      public static AuthorizationResponse deny()
      Deny the request.
      correctly initialized response
    • abstain

      public static AuthorizationResponse abstain()
      This provider is not capable of making a decision about the resource (e.g. does not know the resource).
      correctly initialized response
    • builder

      public static AuthorizationResponse.Builder builder()
      Builder for fully customized authorization response.
      Builder instance ready for configuration
    • isPermitted

      public boolean isPermitted()
      Returns true if access to resource was permitted.
      true if permitted, false if denied or abstained.