Interface MetricsFactoryProvider

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public interface MetricsFactoryProvider
Creates new instances of MetricsFactory.
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    • create

      MetricsFactory create(Config rootConfig, MetricsConfig metricsConfig, Collection<MetersProvider> metersProviders)
      Creates a new MetricsFactory from which the caller can obtain MeterRegistry and Meter.Builder instances.

      The metricsConfig parameter will have been derived from the rootConfig. In many cases the new factory will only need to know the metrics configuration so that object is provided as a convenience. The root config node allows the factory to use information from elsewhere in the config tree if needed.

      rootConfig - root Config node
      metricsConfig - MetricsConfig settings
      metersProviders - group of MetersProvider which can furnish Meter.Builder instances
      new metrics factory
    • close

      void close()
      Closes all metrics factories created by this provider.

      Applications do not normally need to invoke this method.