Interface WatchableSource<T>

Type Parameters:
T - Type of target of this config source
All Known Implementing Classes:
DirectoryConfigSource, EtcdConfigSource, FileConfigSource, FileOverrideSource, UrlConfigSource, UrlOverrideSource

public interface WatchableSource<T>
A source implementing this interface provides a target that a ChangeWatcher can use.
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  • Method Details

    • targetType

      default Class<T> targetType()
      Target type as supported by this source.
      class of the target, by default used for target()
    • target

      T target()
      The target of this source.
      target this source is configured with, never null
    • changeWatcher

      Optional<ChangeWatcher<Object>> changeWatcher()
      If a change watcher is configured with this source, return it. The source implementation does not need to handle change watcher .
      change watcher if one is configured on this source