Interface Http1UpgradeProvider<T extends ProtocolConfig>

Type Parameters:
T - type of the protocol configuration of this upgrade provider
All Known Implementing Classes:
Http2UpgradeProvider, TyrusUpgradeProvider, WsUpgradeProvider

public interface Http1UpgradeProvider<T extends ProtocolConfig>
ServiceLoader provider interface for HTTP/1.1 connection upgrade provider. This interface serves as Http1Upgrader builder which receives requested configuration from the server configuration when server builder is running.
  • Method Details

    • protocolType

      String protocolType()
      Provider's type.
      protocol type (also the type expected in configuration)
    • protocolConfigType

      Class<T> protocolConfigType()
      Type of supported configuration.
      protocol config type
    • create

      Http1Upgrader create(T config, ProtocolConfigs configs)
      Creates an instance of HTTP/HTTP/1.1 connection upgrader.
      config - configuration of this protocol
      configs - configuration for possible nested protocols
      new server HTTP/1.1 connection upgrade selector