Interface Http2SubProtocolSelector

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public interface Http2SubProtocolSelector
A selector of HTTP/2 sub-protocols.
  • Field Details


      static final SubProtocolResult NOT_SUPPORTED
      Not supported sub-protocol result.
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    • subProtocol

      SubProtocolResult subProtocol(ConnectionContext ctx, HttpPrologue prologue, Http2Headers headers, Http2StreamWriter streamWriter, int streamId, Http2Settings serverSettings, Http2Settings clientSettings, StreamFlowControl streamFlowControl, Http2StreamState currentStreamState, Router router)
      Check if this is a sub-protocol request and return appropriate result.
      ctx - connection context
      prologue - received prologue
      headers - received headers
      streamWriter - stream writer
      streamId - stream id
      serverSettings - server settings
      clientSettings - client settings
      streamFlowControl - stream flow control
      currentStreamState - current stream state
      router - router
      sub-protocol result