Class StreamFlowControl


public class StreamFlowControl extends Object
Stream specific HTTP/2 flow control.
  • Inbound - counts the received data and sends WINDOWS_UPDATE frames to the other side when needed.
  • Outbound - counts the sent data, monitors requested data by received WINDOWS_UPDATE frames and blocks the sending until enough data is requested.
Each, inbound and inbound keeps 2 separate credit windows, connection one which is common to all streams and stream window.
  • Method Details

    • outbound

      public FlowControl.Outbound outbound()
      Outbound flow control, ensures that no more than requested amount of data is sent to the other side.
      outbound flow control
    • inbound

      public FlowControl.Inbound inbound()
      Inbound flow control, monitors received but by handler unconsumed data and requests more when there is enough space in the buffer.
      inbound flow control