Interface ClaimValidator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AudienceValidator, ExpirationValidator, FieldValidator, IssueTimeValidator, MaxTokenAgeValidator, NotBeforeValidator, UserPrincipalValidator

public interface ClaimValidator
JWT claim validator.
  • Method Details

    • jwtScope

      JwtScope jwtScope()
      Scope of the JWT claims.
      JWT claim scope
    • claims

      Set<String> claims()
      Handled JWT claims.
    • validate

      void validate(Jwt jwt, Errors.Collector collector, List<ClaimValidator> validators)
      Validate JWT against this class's configuration.
      jwt - jwt to validate
      collector - collector of error messages to add problems to. Use Errors.Collector.fatal(Object, String) to mark the validation as a failure
      validators - immutable list of all currently processed claim validators