Class HttpSignProvider

    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static HttpSignProvider create​(Config config)
        Create a new instance of this provider from configuration.
        config - config located at this provider, expects "http-signature" to be a child
        provider configured from config
      • builder

        public static HttpSignProvider.Builder builder()
        Create a builder to build this provider.
        builder instance
      • authenticate

        public CompletionStage<AuthenticationResponse> authenticate​(ProviderRequest providerRequest)
        Description copied from interface: AuthenticationProvider
        Authenticate a request. This may be just resolving headers (tokens) or full authentication (basic auth). Do not throw exception for normal processing (e.g. invalid credentials; you may throw an exception in case of misconfiguration). This method will be invoked for inbound requests ONLY.

        This method must provide either a Principal or a whole Subject either for a user or for service (or both).

        Specified by:
        authenticate in interface AuthenticationProvider
        providerRequest - context of this security enforcement/validation
        response that either authenticates the request, fails authentication or abstains from authentication
        See Also:
      • isOutboundSupported

        public boolean isOutboundSupported​(ProviderRequest providerRequest,
                                           SecurityEnvironment outboundEnv,
                                           EndpointConfig outboundConfig)
        Description copied from interface: OutboundSecurityProvider
        Check if the path to be executed is supported by this security provider. Defaults to true.
        Specified by:
        isOutboundSupported in interface OutboundSecurityProvider
        providerRequest - context with environment, subject(s) etc. that was received
        outboundEnv - environment for outbound call
        outboundConfig - outbound endpoint configuration
        true if this identity propagator can generate required headers for the path defined