Class OutboundSecurityResponse

  • public final class OutboundSecurityResponse
    extends SecurityResponse
    Response of outbound security provider.
    • Method Detail

      • empty

        public static OutboundSecurityResponse empty()
        There is nothing we can add - e.g. we do not propagate identity.
        response with no headers
      • withHeaders

        public static OutboundSecurityResponse withHeaders​(Map<String,​List<String>> headers)
        Create a response with these headers. Only needs additional headers (e.g. actual headers sent with request will be existing headers + headers provided here).
        headers - Headers to add to request to propagate identity (can also be used to delete headers, if the value list is empty)
        response correctly initialized
      • builder

        public static OutboundSecurityResponse.Builder builder()
        Get an instance of builder to build custom identity propagation response.
        Builder instance
      • abstain

        public static OutboundSecurityResponse abstain()
        Abstain from processing this request.
        response with abstain status