Class EtcdWatchPollingStrategy

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      • EtcdWatchPollingStrategy

        public EtcdWatchPollingStrategy​(EtcdConfigSourceBuilder.EtcdEndpoint endpoint)
        Creates polling strategy from etcd params.
        endpoint - etcd remote descriptor
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      • ticks

        public Flow.Publisher<PollingStrategy.PollingEvent> ticks()
        Description copied from interface: PollingStrategy
        Returns a Flow.Publisher which fires PollingStrategy.PollingEvents.

        Note that PollingStrategy implementations can generate PollingEvents whether or not any subscribers have subscribed to the publisher of the events.

        Subscribers typically invoke Flow.Subscription.request(long) asking for one event initially, and then after it has processed each event the subscriber requests one more event.

        The subscriber might not receive every event broadcast, for example if it subscribes to the publisher after an event has been delivered to the publisher.

        Each PollingStrategy implementation chooses which executor to use for notifying subscribers. The recommended practice is to use the same thread as the polling strategy implementation runs on.

        Specified by:
        ticks in interface PollingStrategy
        a publisher of events