Interface RoutingResponse

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public interface RoutingResponse extends ServerResponse
Routing response of a server.
  • Method Details

    • resetRouting

      void resetRouting()
      Reset routing information (nexted, rerouted etc.).
    • shouldReroute

      boolean shouldReroute()
      Should we reroute this exchange.
      whether rerouting was requested
    • reroutePrologue

      HttpPrologue reroutePrologue(HttpPrologue prologue)
      A new, rerouted prologue.
      prologue - current prologue
      prologue to use when rerouting
    • isNexted

      boolean isNexted()
      Whether this request is nexted ( was called).
      if nexted
    • hasEntity

      boolean hasEntity()
      Whether this request has an entity.
      whether has entity
    • reset

      boolean reset()
      Return true if the underlying response buffers and headers can be reset and a new response can be sent.
      true if reset was successful and a new response can be created instead of the existing one, false if reset failed and status and headers (and maybe entity bytes) were already sent
    • commit

      void commit()
      Commit the response. This is mostly useful for output stream based responses, where we may want to delay closing the output stream to handle errors, when route uses try with resources. After this method is called, response cannot be reset().