Interface WebClientServiceRequest

public interface WebClientServiceRequest
Request to SPI WebClientService that supports modification of the outgoing request.
  • Method Details

    • uri

      ClientUri uri()
      URI helper for this client request.
      URI helper
    • method

      Method method()
      Returns an HTTP request method. See also HTTP standard methods utility class.
      an HTTP method
      See Also:
    • protocolId

      String protocolId()
      Returns an HTTP protocol ID, mapped to a specific version. This is the same ID that is used for ALPN (protocol negotiation) - http/1.1 for HTTP/1.1 and h2 for HTTP/2.

      If communication starts as a HTTP/1.1 with h2c upgrade, then it will be automatically upgraded and this method returns HTTP/2.0.

      an HTTP version
    • headers

      Configured request headers.
      headers (mutable)
    • context

      Context context()
      Registry that can be used to propagate information from server (e.g. security context, tracing spans etc.).
      registry propagated by the user
    • requestId

      String requestId()
      Request id which will be used in logging messages.
      current request id
    • requestId

      void requestId(String requestId)
      Set new request id. This id is used in logging messages.
      requestId - new request id
    • whenSent

      Completes when the request part of this request is done (e.g. we have sent all headers and bytes).
      completion stage that finishes when we fully send request (including entity) to server
    • whenComplete

      Completes when the full processing of this request is done (e.g. we have received a full response).
      completion stage that finishes when we receive and fully read response from the server
    • properties

      Map<String,String> properties()
      Properties configured by user when creating this client request.
      properties that were configured (mutable)