All Implemented Interfaces:
Builder<ZipkinTracerBuilder,Tracer>, OpenTracingTracerBuilder<ZipkinTracerBuilder>, Supplier<Tracer>

public class ZipkinTracerBuilder extends Object implements OpenTracingTracerBuilder<ZipkinTracerBuilder>
The ZipkinTracerBuilder is a convenience builder for Tracer to use with Zipkin.

Unless You want to explicitly depend on Zipkin in Your code, please use TracerBuilder.create(String) or TracerBuilder.create(Config) that is abstracted.

The following table lists zipkin specific defaults and configuration options.

Tracer Configuration Options
option default description
api-version 2 Version of the Zipkin API to use, currently supports 1 and 2
service   Required service name
protocol http see TracerBuilder
host see TracerBuilder
port 9411 see TracerBuilder
path /api/v2/spans Default for ZipkinTracerBuilder.Version.V2, which is the default version
tags   see TracerBuilder
boolean-tags   see TracerBuilder
int-tags   see TracerBuilder
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