Class RegistryFactory


public class RegistryFactory extends Object
Micrometer-specific implementation of a registry factory, created automatically whenever a new MeterRegistry is created by a metrics provider.

Note: Formerly, an instance of this class could be updated with new configuration information after it had been initialized as described in Github issue #360. This version, though, is instantiated once per new meter registry, with the intent that only one meter registry will every be created in a production server.

The getInstance(io.helidon.metrics.api.MeterRegistry) method creates a new instance and saves it for retrieval via getInstance(). The create(io.helidon.metrics.api.MeterRegistry) method creates a new instance but does not record it internally.

  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static RegistryFactory getInstance()
      Get a singleton instance of the registry factory.
      registry factory singleton
    • getRegistry

      public MetricRegistry getRegistry(String scope)
      Get a registry based on its scope.
      scope - scope of registry
      Registry for the scope requested
    • scopes

      public Set<String> scopes()
      Report the scopes of all existing registries.
      set of scope names