public final class Main extends Object
This is the "master" main class of Helidon MP. You can boot the Helidon MP instance using this class if you want do not need to modify anything using builders.



If this method is used, the following approach is taken for configuration:

  • If there is a meta-config file in one of the supported formats (a config parser on the classpath, e.g. yaml, it will be used to set up configuration
  • If there are any MicroProfile config sources, these will be added
  • If there are any META-INF/ files on the classpath, these will be added


Helidon uses Java Util Logging. You can configure logging using:
  • A system property java.util.logging.config.class
  • A system property java.util.logging.config.file
  • Placing file on the current path
  • Placing file on the classpath
  • Method Details

    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      Start CDI. This will also start all features on the classpath, such as JAX-RS. This method should only be invoked when custom configuration is not used (in cases you rely on config sources from classpath, or on meta-configuration).
      args - command line arguments, currently ignored
    • shutdown

      public static void shutdown()
      Shutdown CDI container.