Class DbClientMetricsProvider

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public class DbClientMetricsProvider extends Object implements DbClientServiceProvider
Java service loader service for DB metrics.
  • Constructor Details

    • DbClientMetricsProvider

      public DbClientMetricsProvider()
  • Method Details

    • configKey

      public String configKey()
      Description copied from interface: DbClientServiceProvider
      The configuration key expected in config. If the key exists, the builder looks into global, named, and typed sub keys to configure appropriate instances. Method DbClientServiceProvider.create(Config) is called for each configuration as follows:
      • global: the configuration key is used to get a new instance
      • {code named}: for each configuration node with a list of nodes, a new instance is requested
      • {code typed}: for each configuration node with a list of types, a new instance is requested
      Specified by:
      configKey in interface DbClientServiceProvider
      name of the configuration key (such as "tracing")
    • create

      public Collection<DbClientService> create(Config config)
      Description copied from interface: DbClientServiceProvider
      Create a new interceptor instance with the configuration provided.
      Specified by:
      create in interface DbClientServiceProvider
      config - configuration node with additional properties that are (maybe) configured for this interceptor
      an interceptor to handle DB statements