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@Contract public interface TlsManager extends NamedService
Implementors of this contract are responsible for managing the SSLContext instance lifecycle, as well as the TlsReloadableComponent instances. When the context changes, it then has the responsible to notify all registered TlsReloadableComponents to accept the new Tls having the reloaded context.

How context changes are observed is based upon the implementation of the manager.

  • Method Details

    • init

      void init(TlsConfig tls)
      Always called before any other method on this type. This method is only called when TLS is enabled. In case the TLS is disabled, none of the methods on this type can be called.
      tls - TLS configuration
    • reload

      void reload(Tls tls)
      This method will multiplex the call to all TlsReloadableComponents that are being managed by this manager.
      tls - the new tls instance
      See Also:
    • sslContext

      SSLContext sslContext()
      SSL context created by this manager. This method is called only after init(TlsConfig) and only if TlsConfigBlueprint.enabled() is true.
      the SSL context to use
    • keyManager

      Optional<X509KeyManager> keyManager()
      The key manager in use.
      key manager
    • trustManager

      Optional<X509TrustManager> trustManager()
      The trust manager in use.
      trust manager