Interface HelidonSocket

All Superinterfaces:
SocketContext, Supplier<byte[]>
All Known Implementing Classes:
DirectSocket, PlainSocket, TlsSocket

public interface HelidonSocket extends SocketContext, Supplier<byte[]>
Socket abstraction to allow usage of TLS or even non-socket transport.
  • Method Details

    • close

      void close()
      Close the underlying socket.
    • idle

      void idle()
      Sets the socket to idle mode. Idle mode expects no bytes coming over the socket but keeps reading exactly one byte in case connection is severed. Idle mode should be used in case of client side connection caching.
    • isConnected

      boolean isConnected()
      Check if socket is connected.
      true if connected
    • read

      int read(BufferData buffer)
      Read bytes from the socket. This method blocks until at least 1 byte is available.
      buffer - buffer to read to
      number of bytes read
    • write

      void write(BufferData buffer)
      Write teh buffer to the underlying socket. This method blocks until all bytes are written.
      buffer - buffer to write
    • protocolNegotiated

      default boolean protocolNegotiated()
      Whether a protocol was negotiated by the socket (such as ALPN when using TLS).
      whether a protocol was negotiated
    • protocol

      default String protocol()
      Protocol that was negotiated.
      protocol name
      NoSuchElementException - in case there is no negotiated protocol