Class ConfigFilters.ValueResolvingBuilder

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public static final class ConfigFilters.ValueResolvingBuilder extends Object implements Supplier<Function<Config,ConfigFilter>>
A builder for value reference resolving filter.

The ValueResolvingFilter can either allow (the default) or reject references to missing tokens. To reject such references, invoke the failOnMissingReference method on the builder before invoking build().

Alternatively, if you create the builder using the create(io.helidon.config.Config) method, in the Config instance you pass set the config key "" to true.

  • Field Details


      public static final String FAIL_ON_MISSING_REFERENCE_KEY_NAME
      Config key for setting missing reference behavior on ValueResolvingFilters.
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  • Method Details

    • create

      Initializes config filter instance from configuration properties.

      Optional properties:

      • failOnMissingReference - type Boolean, see failOnMissingReference
      metaConfig - meta-configuration used to initialize returned config filter instance from
      new instance of config filter builder described by metaConfig
      MissingValueException - in case the configuration tree does not contain all expected sub-nodes required by the mapper implementation to provide instance of Java type.
      ConfigMappingException - in case the mapper fails to map the (existing) configuration tree represented by the supplied configuration node to an instance of a given Java type.
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    • failOnMissingReference

      public ConfigFilters.ValueResolvingBuilder failOnMissingReference(boolean failOnMissing)
      Sets how the ValueResolvingFilter resulting from this builder will behave when a value contains a reference to a non-existent key.
      failOnMissing - whether the filter should fail on missing references or not
      this builder
    • build

      public Function<Config,ConfigFilter> build()
      Creates a function of values reference resolving.
      a provider of config filter
    • get

      public Function<Config,ConfigFilter> get()
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      get in interface Supplier<Function<Config,ConfigFilter>>