Interface WebClientServiceRequest

    • Method Detail

      • context

        Context context()
        Registry that can be used to propagate information from server (e.g. security context, tracing spans etc.).
        registry propagated by the user
      • requestId

        long requestId()
        Request id which will be used in logging messages.
        current request id
      • requestId

        void requestId​(long requestId)
        Set new request id. This id is used in logging messages.
        requestId - new request id
      • whenSent

        Single<WebClientServiceRequest> whenSent()
        Completes when the request part of this request is done (e.g. we have sent all headers and bytes).
        completion stage that finishes when we fully send request (including entity) to server
      • whenResponseReceived

        Single<WebClientServiceResponse> whenResponseReceived()
        Completes when the response headers has been received, but entity has not been processed yet.
        completion stage that finishes when we received headers
      • whenComplete

        Single<WebClientServiceResponse> whenComplete()
        Completes when the full processing of this request is done (e.g. we have received a full response).
        completion stage that finishes when we receive and fully read response from the server
      • schema

        void schema​(String schema)
        Set new schema of the request.
        schema - new request schema
      • host

        void host​(String host)
        Set new host of the request.
        host - new request host
      • port

        int port()
        Port of the request uri. This will not match port returned by HttpRequest.uri() if changed by port(int port)
        port of the request
      • port

        void port​(int port)
        Set new port of the request.
        port - new request port
      • path

        void path​(String path)
        Set the new path of the request.
        path - new request path
      • fragment

        void fragment​(String fragment)
        Set the new fragment of the request.
        fragment - new request fragment