Interface HttpRequest

    • Method Detail

      • version

        Http.Version version()
        Returns an HTTP version from the request line.

        See HTTP Version enumeration for supported versions.

        If communication starts as a HTTP/1.1 with h2c upgrade, then it will be automatically upgraded and this method returns HTTP/2.0.

        an HTTP version
      • uri

        URI uri()
        Returns a Request-URI (or alternatively path) as defined in request line.
        a request URI
      • query

        String query()
        Returns an encoded query string without leading '?' character.
        an encoded query string
      • queryParams

        Parameters queryParams()
        Returns query parameters.
        an parameters representing query parameters
      • path

        HttpRequest.Path path()
        Returns a path which was accepted by matcher in actual routing. It is path without a context root of the routing.

        Use HttpRequest.Path.absolute() method to obtain absolute request URI path representation.

        Returned HttpRequest.Path also provide access to path template parameters. An absolute path then provides access to all (including) context parameters if any. In case of conflict between parameter names, most recent value is returned.

        a path
      • fragment

        String fragment()
        Returns a decoded request URI fragment without leading hash '#' character.
        a decoded URI fragment