Class AbacProvider

    • Method Detail

      • builder

        public static AbacProvider.Builder builder()
        Creates a fluent API builder to build new instances of this class.
        a new builder instance
      • create

        public static AbacProvider create​(Config config)
        Creates a new provider instance from configuration.
        config - configuration
        ABAC provider instantiated from config
      • create

        public static AbacProvider create()
        Creates a new provider instance with default configuration.
        ABAC provider
      • supportedAnnotations

        public Collection<Class<? extends Annotation>> supportedAnnotations()
        Description copied from interface: SecurityProvider
        Provide extension annotations supported by this provider (e.g. Annotations will be collected according to framework in use. For JAX-RS, annotations from application class, resource class and resource methods will be collected.
        Specified by:
        supportedAnnotations in interface SecurityProvider
        Collection of annotations this provider expects.