Interface PathTracingConfig

  • public interface PathTracingConfig
    Traced system configuration for web server for a specific path.
    • Method Detail

      • create

        static PathTracingConfig create​(Config config)
        Create a new traced path configuration from Config.
        config - config of a path
        traced path configuration
      • builder

        static PathTracingConfig.Builder builder()
        Create a new builder to configure traced path configuration.
        a new builder instance
      • methods

        List<String> methods()
        Method(s) this configuration should be valid for. This can be used to restrict the configuration only to specific HTTP methods (such as GET or POST).
        list of methods, if empty, this configuration is valid for any method
      • tracedConfig

        TracingConfig tracedConfig()
        Associated configuration of tracing valid for the configured path and (possibly) methods.
        traced system configuration