Interface SecurityProviderService

    • Method Detail

      • providerConfigKey

        String providerConfigKey()
        Key of the "root" of configuration of this provider.

        Example - Http Signature Provider may use "http-signatures", the configuration in yaml may then be:

           - http-signatures:
        The name of the provider is the same string, unless explicitly defined
        name of the configuration key
      • providerClass

        Class<? extends SecurityProvider> providerClass()
        Class of the provider of this provider service. The class may be used for cases where configuration requires explicit class name (e.g. when multiple providers use the same configuration key).
        class of SecurityProvider provided by this provider service
      • providerInstance

        SecurityProvider providerInstance​(Config config)
        Create a new instance of the provider based on the configuration provided. The config is located at the config key of this provider.
        config - Config with provider configuration
        provider instance created from the Config provided