Class DbMapperProviderImpl

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public class DbMapperProviderImpl extends Object implements MapperProvider
Java ServiceLoader service to get database types mappers.
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    • DbMapperProviderImpl

      public DbMapperProviderImpl()
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    • mapper

      public MapperProvider.ProviderResponse mapper(Class<?> sourceClass, Class<?> targetClass, String qualifier)
      Description copied from interface: MapperProvider
      Find a mapper that is capable of mapping from source to target classes. Qualifiers are defined by each component using mapping. In case of clashing qualifiers, the first mapper that returns MapperProvider.Support.SUPPORTED will be chosen.
      Specified by:
      mapper in interface MapperProvider
      sourceClass - class of the source
      targetClass - class of the target
      qualifier - qualifiers of this mapping (such as config or http-headers, may be empty for default
      a mapper that is capable of mapping (or converting) sources to targets