Interface AnnotationMapper

public interface AnnotationMapper
Maps annotation from a single annotation instance to zero or more annotation instances.
  • Method Details

    • supportsAnnotation

      boolean supportsAnnotation(Annotation annotation)
      Check if the annotation is supported.
      annotation - annotation to check
      true if this mapper is interested in the annotation.
    • mapAnnotation

      Collection<Annotation> mapAnnotation(CodegenContext ctx, Annotation original, ElementKind elementKind)
      Map an annotation to a set of new annotations. The original annotation is not retained, unless part of the result of this method.
      ctx - code generation context
      original - original annotation that matches supportsAnnotation(io.helidon.common.types.Annotation)
      elementKind - kind of element the annotation is on
      list of annotations to add instead of the provided annotation (may be empty to remove it), this result is used to process other mappers (except for this one)