Class MetricsCdiExtension

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public class MetricsCdiExtension extends HelidonRestCdiExtension<MetricsSupport>
MetricsCdiExtension class.

Earlier versions of this class detected app-provided producer fields and methods and triggered creation and registration of the corresponding metrics upon such detection. As explained in this MP metrics issue and this MP metrics PR, this probably was never correct and does not work because @Metric no longer applies to producers per the MP metrics 3.0 spec. The issue and PR discussion explain how developers who provide their own producers should use CDI qualifiers on the producers (and, therefore, injection points) to avoid ambiguity between their own producers and producers written by vendors implementing MP metrics. For Helidon, this means we no longer need to track producer fields and methods, nor do we need to augment injection points with our own VendorProvided qualifier to disambiguate, because we now rely on developers who write their own producers to avoid the ambiguity using qualifiers.