Class ClientMethodDescriptor


public final class ClientMethodDescriptor extends Object
Encapsulates all metadata necessary to define a gRPC method. In addition to wrapping a MethodDescriptor, this class also holds the request and response types of the gRPC method. A ClientServiceDescriptor can contain zero or more MethodDescriptor. An instance of ClientMethodDescriptor can be created either from an existing MethodDescriptor or from one of the factory methods bidirectional(String, String), clientStreaming(String, String), serverStreaming(String, String) or unary(String, String).
  • Method Details

    • callCredentials

      public io.grpc.CallCredentials callCredentials()
      Return the CallCredentials set on this service.
      the CallCredentials set on this service
    • name

      public String name()
      Returns the simple name of the method.
      The simple name of the method.
    • descriptor

      public <ReqT, RespT> io.grpc.MethodDescriptor<ReqT,RespT> descriptor()
      Returns the MethodDescriptor of this method.
      Type Parameters:
      ReqT - the request type
      RespT - the response type
      The MethodDescriptor of this method.
    • methodHandler

      public MethodHandler methodHandler()
      Obtain the MethodHandler to use to make client calls.
      the MethodHandler to use to make client calls