Class DbClientMetricsProvider

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public class DbClientMetricsProvider extends Object implements DbClientServiceProvider
Java service loader service for DB metrics.
  • Constructor Details

    • DbClientMetricsProvider

      public DbClientMetricsProvider()
  • Method Details

    • configKey

      public String configKey()
      Description copied from interface: DbClientServiceProvider
      The configuration key expected in config. If the key exists, the builder looks into global, named, and typed subkeys to configure appropriate instances. Method DbClientServiceProvider.create(io.helidon.config.Config) is called for each configuration as follows:
      • global: the configuration key is used to get a new instance
      • {code named}: for each configuration node with a list of nodes, a new instance is requested
      • {code typed}: for each configuration node with a list of types, a new instance is requested
      Specified by:
      configKey in interface DbClientServiceProvider
      name of the configuration key (such as "tracing")
    • create

      public Collection<DbClientService> create(Config config)
      Description copied from interface: DbClientServiceProvider
      Create a new interceptor instance with the configuration provided.
      Specified by:
      create in interface DbClientServiceProvider
      config - configuration node with additional properties that are (maybe) configured for this interceptor
      an interceptor to handle DB statements