Class HelidonRestCdiExtension<T extends RestServiceSupport>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - type of RestServiceSupport used
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    MetricsCdiExtension, MicrometerCdiExtension

    public abstract class HelidonRestCdiExtension<T extends RestServiceSupport>
    extends Object
    implements Extension
    Abstract superclass of service-specific, REST-based CDI extensions.

    This class implements a substantial amount of the work many extensions must do to process annotated types for REST-based services.

    Each CDI extension is presumed to layer on an SE-style service support class which itself is a subclass of HelidonRestServiceSupport with an associated Builder class. The service support base class and its builder are both type parameters to this class.

    Each concrete implementation should:

    • Invoke recordAnnotatedType(javax.enterprise.inject.spi.ProcessAnnotatedType<?>) for each class which bears an annotation of interest to the extension, often from a ProcessAnnotatedType observer method.
    • Implement processManagedBean(ProcessManagedBean) which this base class invokes to notify the implementation class of each managed bean type that was reported by the concrete extension but not vetoed by some other extension. Each extension can interpret "process" however it needs to. Metrics, for example, creates metrics and registers them with the appropriate metrics registry.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HelidonRestCdiExtension

        protected HelidonRestCdiExtension​(Logger logger,
                                          Function<Config,​T> serviceSupportFactory,
                                          String configPrefix)
        Common initialization for concrete implementations.
        logger - Logger instance to use for logging messages
        serviceSupportFactory - function from config to the corresponding SE-style service support object
        configPrefix - prefix for retrieving config related to this extension
    • Method Detail

      • clearAnnotationInfo

        protected void clearAnnotationInfo​(@Observes
                                           AfterDeploymentValidation adv)
        Cleans up any data structures created during annotation processing but which are not needed once the CDI container has started.
        adv - the AfterDeploymentValidation event
      • observeManagedBeans

        protected void observeManagedBeans​(@Observes
                                           ProcessManagedBean<?> pmb)
        Observes all managed beans but immediately dismisses ones for which the Java class was not previously noted by the ProcessAnnotatedType observer (which recorded only classes with selected annotations).
        pmb - event describing the managed bean being processed
      • processManagedBean

        protected abstract void processManagedBean​(ProcessManagedBean<?> processManagedBean)
        Deals with a managed bean that survived vetoing, provided by concrete extension implementations.

        The meaning of "process" varies among the concrete implementations. At this point, this base implementation has managed the annotation processing in a general way (e.g., only non-vetoed beans survive) and now delegates to the concrete implementations to actually respond appropriately to the bean and whichever of its members are annotated.

        processManagedBean - the managed bean, with at least one annotation of interest to the extension
      • isConcreteNonInterceptor

        protected boolean isConcreteNonInterceptor​(ProcessAnnotatedType<?> pat)
        Checks to make sure the annotated type is not abstract and is not an interceptor.
        pat - ProcessAnnotatedType event
        true if the annotated type should be kept for potential processing later; false otherwise
      • recordAnnotatedType

        protected void recordAnnotatedType​(ProcessAnnotatedType<?> pat)
        Records the Java class underlying an annotated type.
        pat - ProcessAnnotatedType event
      • isOwnProducerOrNonDefaultQualified

        protected boolean isOwnProducerOrNonDefaultQualified​(Bean<?> bean,
                                                             Class<?> ownProducerClass)
      • recordProducerField

        protected void recordProducerField​(ProcessProducerField<?,​?> ppf)
        Records a producer field defined by the application. Ignores producers with non-default qualifiers and library producers.
        ppf - Producer field.
      • recordProducerMethod

        protected void recordProducerMethod​(ProcessProducerMethod<?,​?> ppm)
        Records a producer method defined by the application. Ignores producers with non-default qualifiers and library producers.
        ppm - Producer method.
      • serviceSupport

        protected T serviceSupport()